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Hugo Theme Stack

Card-style Hugo theme designed for bloggers.


Example Site

Netlify Status


Documentation | 中文文档


Stack is a simple card-style Hugo theme designed for bloggers, some of its features are:

  • Responsive images support
  • Lazy load images
  • Dark mode
  • Local search
  • PhotoSwipe integration
  • Archive page template
  • Full native JavaScript, no jQuery or any other frameworks are used
  • No CSS framework, keep it simple and minimal
  • Properly cropped thumbnails
  • Subsection support
  • Table of contents


It's necessary to use Hugo Extended ≥ 0.87.0.


Clone / Download this repository to theme folder, and edit your site config following exampleSite/config.yaml.

Note: Remove config.toml if there is one in the site folder.

Check documentation for more details.

Licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0

Please do not remove the "Theme Stack designed by Jimmy" text and link.

If you want to port this theme to another blogging platform, please let me know🙏.


If you like this theme, give it a star, and consider supporting its development:


Your support is greatly appreciated :)

Thanks to

Project Description Licence
PhotoSwipe For the lightbox effect MIT
Normalize.css - MIT
Node Vibrant To extract the color from images MIT
Tabler icons Default menu icons MIT
jonsuh/hamburgers Hamburger icon of menu MIT
lepture/yue.css Part of it is used for styling article content MIT
Typlog Where the markdown gallery syntax is borrowed from The author gave me the permission
Pure CSS implementation of Google Photos / 500px image layout Used for image gallery -


Some references that I took while building this theme:

Project Licence
artchen/hexo-theme-element MIT
MunifTanjim/minimo MIT